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Energy Trade

EnergyTrade (ETT) is a Hedera-based technology that seeks to gather IoT data globally, and utilizes the Hedera Layer-1 network, chosen for it’s carbon negative stance, extremely low energy use in operation, low fixed and predictable fee structure, very high ABFT security, which sets it apart from any other crypto network.

EnergyTrade seeks to re-shape the world as we know it, in terms of energy use tracking, and improving energy efficiency. Bringing insight into view where it was not available beforehand, for Industry and Enterprise.



Hedera based




We began listing on DEXs as of July 2022. We encourage longer term holdings of ETT by retail holders.


The ETT Token

ETT is a HTS (Hedera-based) utility token used for network operation. It is a multi-use token, used in both the technical operation of EnergyTrade and for DeFi means, and secured dataset access over the Internet.

IoT & Provable Efficiency

ETT is used for corporate and Industrial energy use monitoring, (via IoT) - ETT token is used to monitor energy use from remote IoT supporting devices, and intelligent sensors, which collate equipment energy use / savings using our proprietary imbedded  middleware (Linux-based) fully solid-state or virtual mini-server/s.

ABFT Security

ETT relies on the inherent ABFT (Async-Byzantine Fault-Tolerant) underlying security of Hedera, and the hashgraph algorithm.

A fixed amount of 10 Billion ETT are currently minted. 34% of the ETT token was locked away till September 2022 in a published account.


Data quality and Big Data, data processing, analysis, and secure / encrypted storage.
Collected stored values of energy use are represented by fractions of Wh (Watt hours) of energy use, which can provide extreme accuracy and granularity of raw data for companies to track.

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